Where do you start?
How do you go about it?
Can’t find the staff or resources to fulfil your marketing needs? Let us direct you to the companies you need to be targeting?

We work with a whole host of clients

Our clients range from small to medium sized firms through to national and international companies. Jesa Marketing specialise in working within professional service based industries, together with a wide range of industry sectors to include: -

    Chartered Accountants
    Financial Services
    Training Consultants
    Management Consultants
    Environmental Performance & Waste Management
    IT & Computer Services
    Insurance Services
    Film Industry
    Business Links
    Bailiffs/Debt Enforcement
    Food & Beverage
    Cleaning Services
    Construction Industry

Jesa Marketing has available a large portfolio of references from clients that we have worked with over the last 10 years within the above industries.

If you would like to view our portfolio of references please email us with your request and we will pass on a copy of our portfolio info@jesamarketing.co.uk


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