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Popular questions and answers

What is telemarketing?

Put simply, telemarketing is the planned and systematic use of the telephone to achieve specific business objectives. Telemarketing is not telesales (which is a different discipline).

There is a new generation of telemarketing users. The growing sophistication of database systems and the spread of cheaper communications have meant that telephone marketing has now become a telebusiness.

Many companies are now recognising that telemarketing services such as Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Database management, Customer Care, Data Cleansing etc should be an integral part of their business activity.

Gone are the days of the 1980’s hard sell. “We now feel that a softer approach, where we build on profile, rapport and relationship building is a totally unique and refreshing approach.

Why use Telemarketing?

Every business needs to recognise the importance of incorporating telemarketing within their core activity. Jesa Marketing work with you to ensure you are maximising your goals and by adapting the correct approach to generate a constant increase in revenue.

By using this powerful marketing tool you can ensure your product/service is being portrayed every time to the correct target audience. While advertising, mailshots, e-mails still prove to boost your sales there are no guarantees. Jesa Marketing can guarantee that by using our years of experience within a wide range of industries we will use clear-cut objectives to ensure we reach the correct decision maker and deliver results from every call.


Why Outsourcing
By outsourcing your telemarketing requirements to Jesa Marketing you can guarantee:

- A designated account manager who is trained to the highest standard within your industry
- The back up of a management team constantly analysing their performance to deliver results
- Examples of marketing materials tried and tested within your industry
- A back up team of telemarketers also trained within your industry to cover during holidays and sickness
- You do not have to pay holidays/sickness as you have no employment contracts
- The complete marketing arm is taken away from your office base
- You do not have huge telephone bills.


Jesa Marketing would welcome the opportunity to meet and answer any questions you have regarding telemarketing. For more information on our full range of services please contact us on 01992 717600
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