Where do you start?
How do you go about it?
Can’t find the staff or resources to fulfil your marketing needs? Let us direct you to the companies you need to be targeting?

Our Approach
"You speak, we listen...
We speak, they listen"

At Jesa Marketing we feel our major strength that sets us apart from other telemarketing companies is “Our Approach”.

We offer different levels of service totally dependent on your needs and budgets. Whether you are looking at ongoing campaigns or a one-off project we know which approach delivers results!

Every client has a designated account manager who will not attempt to undertake any form of telemarketing until they are 100% confident they understand your company ethos. All account managers will meet with you the client to discuss a campaign prior to commencement and undergo intense training to fully understand your service/product.

    A back-up team will also be fully trained about your business and understand your needs
    Jesa Marketing do not carry out any campaigns using scripts, we use “unique selling points” as guidance only so that we are able to listen clearly to a prospects needs and answer any objections.
    We work with clients prior to commencement of a campaign to analyse existing database(s) and advise whether a data cleanse is required prior to any marketing activity, or whether we feel additional data needs to be purchased. If so we can recommend preferred suppliers.
    We work together to agree criteria to ensure you are reaching the correct target audience.
    If Telemarketing is a follow up to a mailing campaign we can take complete control of the marketing function. We can help to create marketing material, agree direct mail schedules and ensure resources are allocated for follow up to take place within correct timescales.
    Provide daily/weekly/monthly progress reports allowing you to analyse your campaign every step of the way.



Telemarketing should be an integral part of every organisation’s business activities, rather than an after thought. This is why we at Jesa Marketing take the time to understand your business and ensure we have the right approach every time guaranteeing we deliver results from every campaign.


Jesa Marketing offers complete campaign management on both Business-2-Business campaigns and business-2-consumer campaigns, for more information on our full range of Telemarketing services please contact us on 01992 717600
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