Where do you start?
How do you go about it?
Can’t find the staff or resources to fulfil your marketing needs? Let us direct you to the companies you need to be targeting?

Specialist solutions for you

Professional services aren’t simply products. Clients don’t buy them and throw away the receipt. They expect much more.

You know that and so does everyone at Jesa.

• We know that you are trying to build a long term relationship so that clients come back again and again

• We know that clients need to trust your firm; you’d like them to use more of the services you offer, you’d like them to mention you to others

• We know that clients expect services, not pressure sales. They will be paying for top quality work.

• We know that you have to know a lot about your clients

• We know that every engagement with a prospective client has to contribute towards a long lasting relationship and leave an impression of a high quality firm.

Many tele-marketing companies are not able to deal with these subtleties. It takes experience and knowledge of your services and your market. All our staff are skilled professionals, trained to help accountants,
who speak the right language and know the ICAEW rules.

Jesa specialise in dealing with accountants, we have many accounting clients, including some amongst the top ten firms in the UK. We know how to market a professional firm and have been working in this area for the past 14 years.


We operate as an extension of your own organisation and your clients are not aware that they are dealing with a specialist marketing company

• We work with you to identify your firm’s aims to ensure that our work reflects them.

• We exchange information so that you know everything that goes on between your clients and us.

• As far as possible we leave your fee-earners free to earn money whilst we ensure that appointments are made for them to see prospective new clients.

So, if you haven’t the time to seek new clients and need help, then contact Jesa marketing. We understand accountants needs and will work with you to build a bigger practice.

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